Traveling is great but it can also be challenging. And traveling with kids is a whole different ball game! But don’t be put off, it’s incredibly rewarding and doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our top tips for traveling with children. Give them time to play. This means having unstructured time during the day where you’re not rushing to get somewhere. It also means taking your time when you are going somewhere. If they find something interesting on the way, let them stop and check it out. That’s much better than them being bored. This leads to our second tip… Don’t rush, less is more. Allow plenty of time for activities, travel and day to day errands. You’ll enjoy it more when you’re not rushed. If you finish something earlier than you expected, that’s fine. Have a coffee and … Read More

Top 8 TIPS for EUROPE with KIDS


Europe is amazing. For anyone from a younger country such as the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, the history in Europe is mind-boggling. But it’s also different to what we’re used to, in many ways. Here are our top tips for traveling Europe with children. Expose them to the different languages but don’t try to force them to speak it. It’s best when they hear you speaking a few words, or when they hear it spoken on a playground. They’ll naturally start to pick words up, you don’t need to force it. Look for playgrounds and outdoor spaces wherever you go. Everything is more compact in Europe and playgrounds aren’t in obvious places, sometimes you have to seek them out. Some cultures adore kids, some don’t. Don’t expect everyone to be happy that you’ve taken your kids to a … Read More

Top 9 TIPS for FLYING with KIDS


The fear of flying with their children is possibly the biggest reason parents choose not to travel. It can be daunting. But it’s also entirely manageable. Here are our top tips for flying long-haul with children. If your kids are young enough, book a bassinet seat (behind the bulkhead). If not, aisle seats are much better than window seats, you’ll be moving round a lot. It seems obvious, but take your kids to the toilet just before you board. You can be sitting on the tarmac or taxiing for some time. Give your kids a drink or a lollipop to suck on when taking off and landing, it’ll help them equalize their ears. Always take spare clothes for you and your children in carry on, you never know what will happen in flight. Let them be movie zombies. Even if … Read More

How to WORK while TRAVELING with KIDS

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If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel long-term with your children without having to work, that’s awesome! But for the rest of us, we probably need to be doing some sort of work on the road. Because of the type of business I have, I’ve done everything from accounts, building websites, Zoom meetings, managing staff, editing videos and everything in-between, all while traveling. Here are my top 11 tips for remote working while traveling with kids. Decide. Are you on holiday, or are you simply working in a different place? I.e. is travel your main priority and can your work suffer as a result? Or is work your first priority, and then you’re fitting some travel around that? If you can decide first, you shouldn’t feel guilty. If work is your priority then you won’t feel bad about … Read More

Top 3 MISTAKES parents make when TRAVELING


We’ve travelled a lot with our kids, and made so many mistakes I’ve lost count. Here are the top 3 that we need to constantly remind ourselves of. Trying to do too much. This is a massive temptation and can take all the fun out of traveling. If you find yourself dragging your kids from place to place you’re probably guilty of this. Not having any food on you. Don’t rely on being able to buy something then and there. Always have something on you that the kids can munch on. Not having some time apart from the kids. You need your sanity, and the kids need a break too. Get a babysitter at least once. Cabin fever is real. For more videos and tips on traveling with kids:



You never quite understand the scale and intensity of a Disneyland theme park until you visit it. The amount of people, the attention to detail, the sheer size of all the buildings and rides. It’s something out of this world. It’s amazing, a little bit overwhelming, and totally worth it. These tips will make your trip to Disneyland Paris just that much better. Have a relaxing day beforehand and an early night. You don’t want to be going there already tired. Also, don’t plan on doing anything too strenuous the day after. You and your kids will all be tired and will need a sleep in. Download the Disneyland Paris app. This has a map and will show real time wait times. But print out a map too, looking at a small map on your phone in the bright sun … Read More

Top 8 TIPS for PARIS with KIDS


There’s a reason Paris is near the top of most traveler’s lists. There is an insane amount of history and culture, and no matter how many times you go, you’re always discovering something new. But should you go with kids? With these tips, you should be able to find a happy compromise between keeping the kids happy while still getting your Paris fix. Paris is huge, so stay as close to the center as your budget allows. The less travel time on the metro the better, especially after a long day or during rush hour. If you have a car, try and find accommodation with parking included. You won’t need the car in Paris. Don’t try to pack too much in each day. We’ve found that two main things a day is usually achievable. Try and mix them up, maybe … Read More



There is so much to do in Disneyland and you’ll want to make the most of your visit. These were our favourite things to do when we visited with a six and seven year old. Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This is so amazing we actually did it twice at the insistence of the kids. There’s a huge amount of detail and the choreography is fantastic. Frontierland and Adventureland. These are two adjacent areas with a number of rides in them. But the areas themselves are pretty spectacular. You’ll be amazed even just wandering round. They’re also good places to find a bit of shade. Main Street, USA. This is the first street you hit when you enter, and you often just race through it to get to the first ride. But make sure you go back and take a … Read More