TIPS for AIRBNB HOSTS – What guests REALLY want


In the last year alone we’ve spent over 250 nights in over 30 different Airbnb’s. So I guess we know a thing or two about what makes a great Airbnb.

If you’re thinking of setting up a property to list on Airbnb, take a look at what we really value in accommodation. It’s split into the things we thought it must have, and the things we found were really nice to have.

Must have:

  • Prior to their arrival, send guests a message with key details such as address, directions, entry details, contact details, and Wi-Fi details. Yes, it’s on the Airbnb platform as well, but it’s so much easier when it’s in one message.
  • Have a laminated page or folder of instructions in key languages. Also nice is local recommendations and history.
  • Make sure you have these key items in the kitchen: toaster, kettle, coffee and tea, a scrubbing brush, dishwasher tablets or liquid (if there is a dishwasher).
  • Ensure there is enough toilet paper for the whole stay.
  • Check the internet signal in all areas of the house. If it’s weak, get a Wi-Fi booster.
  • Make the rubbish and recycling details very clear.

Nice to have:

  • If you can, have a lock box and instructions instead of meeting every guest. It’ll save you and the guest so much hassle waiting round. Either way, a coded entry, rather than keys, will save you and the guests lots of potential hassle of lost or stuck keys.
  • If you do want to meet each guest first, you have to be very flexible. A 2-3hr window each day isn’t realistic for guests who may be travelling from far away.
  • Not every guest wants or needs a 30min tour of the property. A good idea would be to ask them prior to their arrival how much information they want on the house and area.
  • The house does not need to be fancy. More important is good storage and space and surfaces for guests to put things. Keep it uncluttered (think nice pictures rather than vases and dust catchers).
  • Have a selection of different pillows, and ensure the beds are nice and supportive (not old and sagging).
  • Having an unexpected gift for the guests is really nice and will result in better reviews. But don’t feel that you have to provide a gift. There are more important things.
  • Have at least one special feature, like a really well-stocked bookcase, or a cool games collection.

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