(Book) The war of art – Steven Pressfield

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A book about discipline. It’s written about making art but it really applies to all areas of life, since to live is to create.

My notes from the book:

What stops you being creative is resistance. It’s not the act, it’s starting.

We have two lives. The life we live and the un-lived life within. Between them stands resistance.

Any act that rejects short term and favours long term elicits resistance.

“Those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.”

The more fear we have about something the more certain we can be that it’s important.

The professional knows that success is a by-product of work. It may or may not come.

You turn a corner when you turn pro. Suddenly you take it seriously and do the work.

Principle of priority. Know the difference between what’s urgent and important. Do what’s important first.

We’re all pros in our jobs. We show up every day. We show up no matter what. We stay on the job all day. We’re committed to the long haul. The stakes are high and real. We accept renumeration. We don’t over-identify with it. We master it. Humour. We receive praise or blame.

A professional is patient. You can’t sustain a high intensity, you’ll quit. Tortoise not the hare.

A pro views work as craft not art. ‘How’, not ‘what’ and ‘why’.

Think of yourself as a corporation. Remove yourself from the equation and be professional.

What you work in and practice each day will slowly come to reality and be more and more powerful.

The moment one commits oneself then providence moves too – the magic of making a start.

Our job in life is not to shape into some imaginary ideal, but find out who we already are and become it.

What’s your territory? Rather than heirachy and competition, everyone has their own territory. Do the work as an offering.

What to do? The question can only be answered by action.