(Book) What to do when it’s your turn – Seth Godin

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Another great book from Seth about your turn, in his words:

“I think we’re wasting the chance of a lifetime. This is an urgent call to do the work we’re hiding from, a manifesto about living with things that might not work and embracing tension when doing your art.”

Here are the ideas that jumped out at me, my own thoughts are in italics.

Opportunity? It’s everywhere.

Freedom is our problem and freedom is our opportunity. We automatically limit ourselves yet we have so much choice.

Being stupid is associated with learning. Embrace the stupid.

This might not work. the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.

The safest dreams are the ones with no hope of coming true. This is hiding. Concrete dreams are possible. They expose us to hope and risk.

Great work is the result of seeking out tension, not avoiding it.

Take your turn with intention, don’t wait.

Two things are necessary. 1. To realise it’s your turn. 2. Develop a habit of doing on a regular basis.

The person that fails the most wins.

The childish demand instant gratification and a guarantee everything will be ok. Productive grown ups stop waiting for help and contribute instead. Some people never grow up.

Don’t wait to be in the mood. Do you what you should do, your mood will follow.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. We’re capable of creating work that matters only if we’re willing to be uncomfortable while we’re doing it.

People buy or reject a story, not you. Start putting the story out.

Avoid certainty (side note – create certainty for people and you’ve got a good business). Pick yourself, postpone gratification, seek joy, embrace generosity, dance with fear, be paranoid about mediocrity, see the world as it is, be the boss of you.

You always have a choice. Don’t take the easy way out by saying you don’t.

It’s never the right time to do anything.

We’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that we must be paid for everything we do and therefore treat it with disdain. What would happen if we did something merely because we love it.

It’s all invented. When something happens to us we invent a story to make it seem alright. Why not invent the story first to make the change you want.

No one owes you anything.

Give everything as a gift, expecting nothing in return. This will free you. The feeling of being owed is toxic.

For yours you’ve been told to comply. Now we’re ready for your contribution.

The microphone revolution. Meetup, Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Wikipedia, Kickstarter. They’re all opening the door for individuals to speak up and produce.

If you want to be remarkable, the easiest way is to not compromise.

Either you’re the creator or the audience.

Give credit. If you give credit for your work to other people, they will want to work with you again.

There are countless varieties of original productive work and all of them are based on something that has been done before.